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In this part of the website the intention is to facilitate discussion on the general topic of the economics of the firm. Any ENEF academic can post papers that can be downloaded. Direct feedback to the author is then possible using email. The posted papers will not be refereed. But people offering submissions should take it on themselves to make sure that their papers fall within the general objectives of ENEF with the intention being to promote research and discussion on the economics of the firm particularly using economics as the base for an interdisciplinary perspective. To post submissions email them, in either Word or pdf format and in English, to Mike Dietrich: m.dietrich@shef.ac.uk.

To open any paper click on the title. The papers are in either Word or pdf format. If you don't have Adobe Reader, for the pdf format, it can be dowloaded for free by clicking here.

 Author(s) Title Of paperPaper ID  
  Alex Coad, Agusti Segarra, Mercedes TeruelLike milk or wine: does firm performance improve with age?ENEF2010/23, posted 18th October 2010 
  Keiko Ito and Sebastien LechevalierWhy Do Some Firms Persistently Outperform Others? An Investigation of the interactions between innovation and export strategyENEF2010/21, posted 3rd September 2010 
  Vu Minh HienPerformance of Microfinance Institutions in Southeast Asia from a Regulatory PerspectiveENEF2010/20, posted 11th May 2010 
  Rafael Pardo and Ruth RamaAre outsourcers and non-outsourcers really different? Flexibility and advanced manufacturing technologyENEF2009/19, posted 28th September 2009 
  Mario MorroniComplementarities among Capability, Transaction and Scale-Scope Considerations in Determining Organizational BoundariesENEF2008/18, posted 16th December 2008 
  Mario MorroniInnovative Activity, Substantive Uncertainty And The Theory Of The FirmENEF2008/17, posted 16th December 2008 
  Houda GhozziExamining resources and competencies views against the transaction costs approach in the French poultry industry: treading on eggsENEF2008/16, posted 3rd November 2008 
  Thierry Burger-HelmchenCapabilities in small high-tech firms: A case of plural-entrepreneurshipENEF2008/15, posted 21th July 2008 
  Silvia Saravia and Michael DietrichEmergence and impact of transaction costs in developing economies: the case of the Nicaraguan coffee industry during the Sandinista Regime (1979-1990)ENEF2008/14, posted 26th June 2008 
  Sebastien Lechevalier and Keiko ItoThe Evolution of the Productivity Dispersion of Firms: a reevaluation of its determinants in the case of JapanENEF2008/13, posted 23th May 2008 
  Alex CoadFirm Growth: a surveyENEF2007/12, posted 16th May 2007 
  Adelheid Holl and Ruth RamaAn exploratory analysis of networking, R&D and innovativeness in the Spanish electronics sectorENEF2007/11, posted 16th May 2007 
  Adelheid Holl and Ruth RamaThe spatial pattern of networks, hierachies and subsidiaries.ENEF2007/10, posted 21th February 2007 
  Mario MorroniComplemtarities among capability, transaction and scale-scope considerations in determining organisational boundaries.ENEF2006/9, posted 18th March 2006 
  Mario MorroniInnovative activity, uncertainty and the theory of the firm.ENEF2006/8, posted 18th March 2006 
  Andreas ReinstallerThe division of labor, organizational control and the labor process: Near-decomposability and the Babbage principle.ENEF2006/7, posted 18th March 2006 
  Yuri BiondiThe Firm as an Entity: Management, Organization, Accounting ENEF2006/6, posted 30th January 2006 
  István Magyari-Beck The Firm as a Regulator of CreativityENEF2005/5, posted 20th September 2005 
  Angelo FusariUncertainty, Competence and the Theory of the Firm
(Some crucial omissions and misunderstandings of the current debate)
ENEF2005/4, posted 20th September 2005 
  Pavel LukshaNiche Construction: the proposal for reconsideration of organization-environment interactionENEF2005/3, posted 12th July 2005 
  Michael Dietrich and Jackie KrafftThe Firm in Economics and History: towards an historically relevant economics of the firmENEF2005/2, posted 13th June 2005 
  István Magyari-Beck and Olga SzucsCan the Schools be Regarded as Firms (A Contribution to the Theory of Firms and the Economics of Culture)ENEF2005/1, posted 9th June 2005