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ENEF has no formal membership, it can best be viewed as an open access network for anyone interested in the economics of the firm (broadly understood). If you wish to be included in the email distribution list associated with ENEF send your contact details to Mike Dietrich at m.dietrich@sheffield.ac.uk. Also, if you wish to have details distributed within the ENEF network about workshops, academic positions etc associated with the firm, email details to Mike Dietrich.

The main organising focus for ENEF is based on an organising group of ENEF ambassadors. As with ENEF in general this group of ambassadors is open access. Currently the organising group is made up as follows:
    Mike Dietrich (University of Sheffield): web-site management
    Albert Jolink (Coventry University)
    Eva Niesten (University of Manchester)
    Jackie Krafft (University Cote d'Azur, CNRS-GREDEG)
    Sandro Montresor (Kore University of Enna)
    Riccardo Leoncini (University of Bologna)
    Alex Coad (Catholic University of Peru)
    Nanditha Matthew (Maastricht University)
    Francesco Quatraro (University of Torino and Collegio Carlo Alberto)
    Werner Holzl (WIFO, Vienna)
If you are interested in becoming an ENEF ambassador contact Mike Dietrich.